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  • LED neon light: our flexible LED neon tube is a new technology of neon. LED neon light provides a longer lifespan that original glass neon. The neon signs remain cold, silent, safe and eco-friendly because it is low voltage.
  • BACKING: Clear (by default) and resistant backing of 5 mm to support the sign. Neon signs are made of flexible neon tube. A neon sign must be set on a backing in order to keep its shape in time. We create design neon sign so we like suggesting the “cut to shape” backing. The backing of the neon sign is quasi invisible on picture.


  • LED neon sign ready to use
  • +50 000 hours lifetime
  • Low Voltage 12V, transformer compatible according to the country of your choice
  • Power Cord length: 6’ = 180 cm of Clear Cord / 7’8” = 260 cm Power Cord
  • 0.19” = 5 mm Clear Acrylic Backing, pre drilled to ease the installation
  • Kit: wall mounting screws or/and ceiling mount
  • 1 year warranty for all LED neon signs. Anyway we’ll keep in touch
  • Optional: one dimmer and its remote ($25 extra)


Easy to install. Simply hang your neon sign, plug it to an outlet and your new bespoke neon light is ready to shine!


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